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The Founder

foto fondatoreProf. Agostino Gambino was the founder of the Gambino Law Firm with office in Rome Via dei Tre Orologi 14/a.

He has written many books and more than 120 essays in different areas of commercial law, published by major Italian law reviews, some of which have been translated and published in German, English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

In 1966 he was awarded the International Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei – INA prize for his legal literature and more specifically for his book on insurance law.

He has taught Commercial Law at the University of Sassari, at the Faculty of Economics of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and at the Rome-based Academy of the Guardia di Finanza.

After being full professor of Bankruptcy Law, and since 1981 he was awarded a full professorship in Commercial Law, at the Faculty of Law University of Rome La Sapienza.

He was the co-editor-in-chief of the Rivista di Diritto Commerciale, Giurisprudenza commerciale and Assicurazioni.

He was the Honorary President of the Italian Section of the International Association of Insurance Law (Aida) and the Association's International Honorary President.

He has been member of the Board of Directors of different companies and banks– Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura – and also of insurance companies (Meie and Fata). He was appointed one of the government commissioners at the Federazione Italiana dei Consorzi Agrari.

Following the bankruptcy of the Banco Ambrosiano and of the foreign banks and companies it owned, he was nominated co-president of the international Joint Commission appointed by the Holy See and the Italian Government to ascertain the relationships existing between the Banco Ambrosiano Group and the Istituto Opere di Religione.

He has been member of the Legislative Commission (Ministry of Justice) for the reform of joint-stock corporations, for the creation of Corporate Statutes, for the reform of bankruptcy law; of the Commission (Ministry of State Holdings) for the regulatory reform of state holdings; of the Commission (Ministry of Industry) to draft the bill on the extraordinary administration of big enterprises and for the subsequent regulatory reform thereof; for the regulation of State intervention in favour of companies in financial crisis.

He was one of the three members of the Government-appointed Commission - that was nominated to find a legislative solution to the conflict of interests between the Prime Minister's government activity and his personal appointments and assets.

He was Minister of Post and Telecommunications in the Dini Government (1995-1996) and, in this capacity, he chaired the EU Council of Ministers for the sectors of his competence during the Italian presidency of the EU.

Prof. Gambino has been President or member of Arbitration Boards in national and international arbitrations and has assisted the European Parliament before the Luxembourg Court of Justice as an attorney.

He was awarded the Knight Grand Cross insignia, the highest-ranking Italian insignia, by the Italian President of the Republic.


Areas of practice

Administrative law

The Gambino Law Firm deals with Administrative Law issues, representing clients before the "Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale" (Regional Administrative Tribunal) and the "Consiglio di Stato" (Council of State), and offering extrajudicial...

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The Law Firm provides advice in real-estate operations, offering its services to developers and owners. In this field of activity, the Law Firm provides assistance during every step of the...

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Business contracts

The Gambino Law Firm has acquired a broad professional experience in the area of Corporate and Contract Law, in respect of which it offers extrajudicial advice to major Italian companies. The...

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Intellectual Property, IT, E-…

The Firm provides assistance on matters concerning trademarks, patents and copyright, as well as on distribution and license agreements. The Firm also has expertise and experience in the area of...

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Banking sector and financial m…

In the banking and financial sector, the Gambino Law Firm performs its activities in close collaboration with Prof. Andrea Guaccero (of counsel to the Firm), covering the following areas of...

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Insolvency and corporate restr…

Over the years, the Gambino Law Firm has acquired a relevant professional expertise in bankruptcy law and in handling the wide range of issues requiring advisory services or representation in...

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Insurance law

The Gambino Law Firm offers legal representation to Italian insurance and reinsurance companies or to insurance companies of other EU Member States freely operating in Italy as service providers, in...

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Company law

Over the years, the Gambino Law Firm – in the light of the specific training and specialization accumulated by its lawyers in this field, also on an academic level –...

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litigation and arbitration

The Gambino Law Firm provides advisory services in a vast range of legal disputes relating to civil and commercial law, having a consolidated experience in corporate, contract and industrial law...

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Procurement-Public-private par…

The Gambino Law Firm provides advices on procurement and public-private partnerships, including project financing, construction and management concessions, service concessions and financial leases of public works.

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