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litigation and arbitration

The Gambino Law Firm provides advisory services in a vast range of legal disputes relating to civil and commercial law, having a consolidated experience in corporate, contract and industrial law, intellectual property law and communications and media law. Thanks to the specific training and continuous academic updating of its professional lawyers, the Firm has acquired a specific expertise in national and international arbitration proceedings. Cases of major public interest are mainly referred to the founder of the Firm, who is assisted by single or groups of professional lawyers expert in the specific area of practice.

The Law Firm's main areas of expertise are the following:

–      civil law disputes (contractual and tort law, property law and rights in rem, inheritance law, filing claims for the revocation or rebuttal of payment orders, insolvency proceedings to enforce the sale of fixed and non fixed assets and forfeiture of assets against third parties, etc.)

–      company law disputes (appealing financial statements, liability suits against directors, appealing Shareholders or Board decisions, proceedings ex art. 2409 of the Italian Civil Code on administrative irregularities, liability suits for abuse of corporate power in the management and coordination of the company's activities ex art. 2497 of the Italian Civil Code, etc.)

–      banking law disputes (bank liability for the safekeeping of safe-deposit boxes, liability for taking compound interest, enforcement of surety and stand-by letters of credit, actions of recourse or to release the guarantor, etc.)

–      industrial law disputes (liability for abuse of dominant position and anti-competitive business practices, unfair competition, etc.)

–      insurance law disputes (representation before ISVAP – the Insurance Companies Supervisory Authority – in relation to sanctioning proceedings, appealing ISVAP sanctions, etc.)

–      intellectual property rights violation disputes (counterfeiting claims and actions for invalidation of trademarks and patents, etc.)

–      bankruptcy law disputes (bankruptcy rescindments, rejecting total debt statements, filing claims, etc.)

–      communications and media law disputes (frequency quotas, anti-trust law and proceedings before the AGCOM, the Communications Regulatory Authority, etc.)

–      securities and financial market disputes (disputes over financial instruments, liability arising from the obligation to publish a prospectus, liability of stock brokers, etc.)

–      interim precautionary measures, claims, interim seizure orders, Mareva injunctions

–      representation in arbitration proceedings

In a different perspective but frequently associated with dispute litigation and resolution, the Gambino Law Firm writes legal opinions on commercial, private and civil law, which represent the specific areas of practice of the three partners of the Professional Association, being tenured University professors in the respective subjects.

Areas of practice

Administrative law

The Gambino Law Firm deals with Administrative Law issues, representing clients before the "Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale" (Regional Administrative Tribunal) and the "Consiglio di Stato" (Council of State), and offering extrajudicial...

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The Law Firm provides advice in real-estate operations, offering its services to developers and owners. In this field of activity, the Law Firm provides assistance during every step of the...

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Business contracts

The Gambino Law Firm has acquired a broad professional experience in the area of Corporate and Contract Law, in respect of which it offers extrajudicial advice to major Italian companies. The...

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Intellectual Property, IT, E-…

The Firm provides assistance on matters concerning trademarks, patents and copyright, as well as on distribution and license agreements. The Firm also has expertise and experience in the area of...

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Banking sector and financial m…

In the banking and financial sector, the Gambino Law Firm performs its activities in close collaboration with Prof. Andrea Guaccero (of counsel to the Firm), covering the following areas of...

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Insolvency and corporate restr…

Over the years, the Gambino Law Firm has acquired a relevant professional expertise in bankruptcy law and in handling the wide range of issues requiring advisory services or representation in...

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Insurance law

The Gambino Law Firm offers legal representation to Italian insurance and reinsurance companies or to insurance companies of other EU Member States freely operating in Italy as service providers, in...

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Company law

Over the years, the Gambino Law Firm – in the light of the specific training and specialization accumulated by its lawyers in this field, also on an academic level –...

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litigation and arbitration

The Gambino Law Firm provides advisory services in a vast range of legal disputes relating to civil and commercial law, having a consolidated experience in corporate, contract and industrial law...

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Procurement-Public-private par…

The Gambino Law Firm provides advices on procurement and public-private partnerships, including project financing, construction and management concessions, service concessions and financial leases of public works.

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