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About the Firm

Lodged in the historical Villa Svezia – the residence of Sophie Marie Victoria of Baden, Queen of Sweden, from 1920 to 1930 – the Gambino Law Firm is located in Via dei Tre Orologi, North of the Villa Borghese park, in Rome's Parioli residential district.     


Since its foundation in 1969 and through its over forty-year long track record, the Gambino Law Firm has been mainly dealing with the legal aspects of civil and commercial law and more specifically of corporate, insurance, bankruptcy, banking and industrial law. Although it is open to new forms of practicing the legal profession, reaching out into different areas of competence, the Gambino Law Firm has maintained a traditional structure. Its main feature is the high-level technical training and academic expertise of its professional associates, who are capable of solving complex legal issues also arising from the chaotic intertwining of national and European legislation.

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Areas of Practice

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